About Us

How it all started

The business started at Rhino Park Aerodrome, at a fly-inn Breakfast run.

Light sport Airplanes were flying in from all around for the event. Our eyes were drawn to a Jabiru J 430 which flew in the morning. It had a odd-looking cover to protect it from the sun which clearly had seen better days.

We had experience in the manufacturing of boat covers, but at that moment we saw an opportunity for a new business.

We introduced ourselves to the pilot and owner of the plane and asked him how effective the cover was. He simply answered, “It’s not pretty, but it works pretty well.”

We had a good laugh about it and then offered to make him a new custom cover to fit his airplane.

This was the beginning of our journey into the Aviation market and our business that has grown significantly since then.

What we have to offer.

Fixed wing

We specialize in Custom fitted UV Dust Covers for fixed wing that are waterproof

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We specialize in Custom fitted UV Dust Covers it is perfectly fitted to encrease the efficiency of the cover

See Our Recent Projects

We ship our products accross South Africa through various reliable courrier companies like Courier Guy.

See Our Recent Projects

Protecting your plane
agains the damaging UV rays is critical!

A UV Cover is a must-have! It helps to keep the cockpit and interior cool and protected against the damaging UV Rays of the African sun.

We have the solution!

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